Thursday, October 7, 2010

three :)

I'll be facing AS exam after three days. Not nervous at all, that's why quite worry with my never-takut-condition now. Hahaha.
Mr.Sara's replacement class two days ago, what he said really boosted up my confidence! But, this made me feel much lazier! e leh leh.
Anyway, I studied today! I still remember Human Rights definition! All the Articles! And, some of the cases! The chapter that I remembered the most.
Statutory Interpretation. YEAHHH. My favourite chapter. But I can't remember anything. haha.
Need to add more fuel to keep going!
GO munyi GO !
And I've no idea with criminal law. Tough! Should I give up this part? sigh*!

HAHAHAHA. Just a picture to share! xD
SLIPPERS! hohoho.

Good Luck to all ATC students who will be taking AS exam soon!

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