Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yamapiii! ♥


This is the Japanese drama that I got addicted these days. Finally, I managed to finished 11 episodes in one week. I know I am slow, but I tried my best to finish it asap, and I downloaded it, and not watch it online! Aww. I love you Yamapi !

Alright. I am childish. You might think I am childish, because I am still a idolhereidolthere teenager. But, WHO CARES?!
Fyi, I liked Yamashita since long time ago! The problem is I lost contact with him since a year ago. HAHAAHAHAA!

When the girl smiles was so sweet, she has a chubby face.

I liked him not because of this.
But I hope my future bf has 6packs. =.=

People, don't give up until you reach your goals!
Never ever give up. :)

He's from a singing group named NEWS.
One of the group members was stared in One Litre of Tears. :)
Do you still remember him? Haha.

Parents went to China already.
My dad asked me to study. Sorry Daddy. Okie, I am going to study Biz now, really hopefully I won't fall asleep!
Okie, Let me rest my eyes a while first.

Ichibu to Zenbu by B'z just simply Nice! :D