Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awesome Moments in 2010.

Things to share. Awesome moments at KL with Awesomees.
Hahaha, just finished Business paper1 today, so kinda free, went to facebook and look through all the photos. Many memories among us. :))

It's been a year, time..... flies. LOL. (I know I've been use this word for thousand million billion times.)


3rd day in college.

Judy and Jocelyn.

Still remember that time Miss Sheila was absent, met Fatin and her gang during bowling session.
Our very first time at Times Square.

Gelato Fruity.
Jo & Me.

Our very first hangout with Fatin & Katharine.

Skipped Econs class and went to KFC that located in KL Sentral to study Law!
Unbelievable. Noob yet funny :P
Lithia and Me. Studied with Jo the giant hand.

The very first time went to exhibition somewhere near Central market. :)
With Jojo.

It's Sunday.
Stayed in college to study! Studied LAWWWW!
Memoroble ones. :)

I wonder how I did it. The sauce.. I'M SORRY.

The very first time we went to KOREA PLAZA!

Our very first group photo? =))

Kat, Jo, Me and ZiHui.
Kat's bday. Went to cheongK after that.

1st time at Moon Tree!

After presentation that day, need to wear formal. hehe.
at Purple Cane! :)

Currently fall in love with her song named 来不及 & 无望岁月.

+ the photo below... Attended the charity event. C+C.

Rawang Boy. :)

Birthday celebration of mine.
Judy, cingcing, fatin and Kat also joined! XD

They gave me a birthday surprise at Gasonline!

First time eat durian at roadside.
With Lidi! xD
Very very very nice though!

A super memorable time.
We went to Cheras for an event, know how to go but didn't know how to go back home.
The time of tooking this photo was 12++am.
We're waiting for a taxi at a bus stop at HIGHWAY.
Very scary. I lied to my dad that I reached Jo's home that time =X How dare me!
Anyway, now driving passby that place, still will talk about it.

Yes. And I stayed at this girl's house.
Recognize her? XD

She's Ah Bin. Jo introduced her to me =D

I brought her to get a free dye-hair session at L'Oreal Academic at Bangsar.
My very first time of dyeing my hair!

KLCC Park. Xiao Zhu, we love you!


A programme held by Koreans.
Ampang also known as Korean Town. Hahaha. Cuties :))
Rained heavily that day, and pity these two girls, one from Kelana Jaya another from Bangi come over here for this thingy.
But then, I'm glad that they enjoyed it. I've brought them to other places in Ampang too!

New movie. :) At Pavillion!

Yes. Before the movie Dinner for Smucks !
Our very first movie with Lidi!


Me & Lithia.
Too stress of studying, so we (+Jocelyn) went to Nando's for High Tea?

Something I won =__=
Not this guy, but a pass to have dinner?
Eeeerrr.... Dinner? Cheated by radio station!

Good luck to them.

Nothing to say to them.

There are still tonnes of photos!
Too much to upload!
I've a bunch of awesome friends, I do appreaciated what have you all done to me! Really do!
Live well and stay healthy!

I am looking forward to our Malacca trip! XD

Lol. Noticed?
My photos are all girls... -_-"

And... I am pretty sure I will have a more awesome-r moments this year!
So... Stay tuned next year for 2011 ;P

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