Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movie Freak.

I'm a movie freak. I am controling myself of not stepping into theater too frequent.


Anyway, I've been watched 3 Thai movies *proudo smiles + winks winks*
One was in Pavillion (The movie is on the International Screen category la, not I am choosy in choosing cinemas. lol.) Another two were from youtube!!!

Yes. Each time I watched local LOL, er i mean Thai movies,
it let me thought of my last year's Bangkok family trip.

First movie: Hello Stranger

They went to Korea to shoot this movie. A comedy :)

They went to Winter Sonata's, Coffee Prince's, Goong's and many more famous Korean drama shooting place.

A nonsense movie. hahaha.
Love happens naturally.

The guy actually wondered why all the girls easily in love with those korean artists and started teasing the girl about her crazy behaviour.

Love happens.
The girl was so damn chun! I mean cuteee xD
And the guy's kinda leng jai la. Well, Thai. :)

Wanna know more? Just go Youtube!
This movie isn't available in cinemas anymore. :)
A movie that full of laughters & love is in the air!

Don't ask me to rate. heees.

2nd movie: Bangkok Traffic Love Story

I love this movie as well!
This guy is kinda HOT if from the other angle xD

this story line won't really happens in real life.
But, I do it happens on me, I like romantic guys. And romantic movies too.

Yes. Hot chick =D
Her name is Cris Horwang. She's a top model and an actress.
I bet that she's becoming more popular because of this movie.

Watch this too people.
This guy looks a bit old, but his characteristic is attracting. :))

3rd movie: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I just finished it an hour ago! omgggg!

Among three, this is the best xD

Same person. When she's young. =X
Teased by many mates, abt her BUGface and dark skin.

The girl will purposely passby his class to take a glance at him.
And that day, the guy punished by his teacher.
He's cute !

And yes, the third year, the girl gets prettier.
Yes, the lead actor is still that charming.

The guy's bestie fall for this girl too.
There's too many obstacles.
This movie is funny and touchy.
Feel like wanna cry while watching 7th part. =')

This is really a touchy ones.
I dislike crying movies ok? hehe.

The girl sometimes looks like a Japanese and the guy looks like mixed.
Perfect combination :)

Peeps, try to watch Thai movies, don't complain their voices are noisy please. (I always need to replay it while I ter-miss what they said when I'm eating.)

Miss my Bangkok trip.
Haih haih.

And them too. Haha!

I know that there is still a lot of funny Thai movie waiting for me xD
Wanna watch it after my Contract paper!

Gotta study.
Gonna go and have my dinner now at downstair.

I feel like I'm a loner. I spent my lunch time alone at Mont Kiara's Wendy's.
Anyone wanna accompany me go for lunch or dinner ? =((

Happy Studying my dear mates!

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