Sunday, May 22, 2011


According to Economics, human have unlimited wants. I am human.
Yes, and I'm the one who always want to get anything that I like.
My dad always tell me to buy what I need but not what I want.
Okay, honestly, I'm kinda regret of getting myself a MP3 last year. At first I wanted to get a Ipod Nano, luckily I controlled myself. lol. After got my MP3 three months, the noob me started abandoned the MP3 and feel that actually I can still live without it.
Even now, I seldom use it.
oh Shoot me please. I wish I can get my money back. T.T

After that, I seldom buy those gadgets and always use my money with entertainment and good food.
And think twice before purchasing anything.
The results:
I calculated and recorded the money that I used everyday, and found out that more than half of my pocket money spent with FOOD.
Yes, shoot me again please.

I will try to control myself from consuming those delicious food.
All I need is determination.

I've been thinking of changing my mobile phone since two months ago, because I'm so sick with my phone and my phone was sick and it's sick!
My first choice is iPhone, 2nd will be Smsung Galaxy. I checked the plan for both phones, I think I will can afford the phone if I don't spend too much money on those unimportant stuffs.
When I was so sure that I want to own it, suddenly there's so much things come to my mind, and NOW I don't think I have money for all iPhone! Well, same to smartphones that I wanted.


1. Beast will be coming to Malaysia.
The event organiser set the price high like hell, this is not CONCERT, but only a fan meeting. I commented on the page to express how I feel with the price, but there's many rich folks said this price is damn reasonable. Sigh. The VIP tickets just same price as Xiao Zhu's concert ticket. Vexed. I wanna choose rock zone, but it was so damn far from the stage, how I gonna see them. (Haahaha u gonna shoot me i know, lifeless me.)
Ok, let it be. I am sure there will be a lot of cheap tickets sell by the absentees when it gets nearer to the date of the showcase. :)
I missed the two previous fan meeting and lil concert of them, and I don't wanna miss out this. Hopefully I am lucky enough to win the pass! ahhh. Junhyungggg.
VVIP 500 bucks. Serious!
Anyway, they're way better than Ukiss. Obviously they are eating MALAYsians' money with those different packages and RM700+ for having dinner with them. urrk.

Okay, gonna stop talking about that, I'm scared to mess with ukiss's fans.
Once in a lifetime. Wanna have eye contact with JH. :P
At this moment, I think there's only one ELF who named MEIMEI understand my feeling. Woots woots! Seriously excited!

2. I'll have a trip to Malacca after my A-level exam. Three days two nights.
I need money to go there, I think I gonna spend a lot at there. ='(

3. Money, condo's monthly maintainence fees. (Sucks!)

4. Will be going to HongKong on November. HK isn't same as Bangkok, it's much expensive. I gotto save some money and do some shopping. Dammit. I just need more money! .__.

5. Might be joining association's camp to Hainan Island. If I'm really broke, I will give up. But this year is the best year if I join, I've been waiting for a year, I don't wanna wait for another two years again... :(

6. I want to put on braces .__.

7. Yes. I need to give up my dreamydeliciousyiPhone. =((

I wish everyday I wake up, a bag of Pounds will be beside me.
Okay, don't be so avaricious, a bag of RM beside me also not bad! =PP

Hopefully iPhone 5 will be coming out faster!
Then the price for iPhone4 will drop drop drop drop and drop!

Oh ya peeps. Pray for me! Tickets! =))

A bit tired, gotta study hard tomorrow! Contract, I'm coming!!

p/s: I edited my post due to some mistakeinfo. lol.

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