Thursday, May 12, 2011


I wish I'm a little kid now, no need to worry this and that.
Decision time comes.
Getting more nervous when having lesser time!
First problem that I'm facing now is Intake problem. If I don't think too much, I will directly enter LLB programme which on July, of course in ATC.

But then, I'm thinking of being an intern in one of the company in Selangor. One of my dreams since I was in secondary school. If I'm in Degree, most probably I'm not going for intern as the pay isn't that HIGH. (I heard that they're quite stingy? :P) And, they will not need a law student to work for them =.=

If I really be an intern, I will surely enter September intake. 90% of my classmates will be taking July intake. OH SHOOT.

Second problem. ATC or MMU? GRAH. SHOOT.

I am having headache now. Been thinking too much. I wanna take a rest.
Huh... what a without-ending post.


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