Saturday, May 14, 2011


I think I am best describe as Slacker.
I've been slacking at youtube and facebook whole day. Wait, should be TWO DAYS.
Beast is so addictive, I think I gotto stop but can't resist myself from stop watching them again and again.

Oh shoot me please.

Sisters went out for L'oreal whatever party. I'm alone again =__=

Study study study. A2 already, MUST STUDY.
Obviously, I am begging myself to study.

oh shoot.

*Hyungie Fever*!!!
They all had new haircut and new album will be out on 17th May!
beep beep. And Era Fm announced that they will be coming on 1st of July!
I gotto put my smartphone plan away and prepare my money to watch them. T.T
Missed out their previous two showcase in Malaysia, I think this time is a must to go! :D

Fiction & Fact.
countdown 3 days!

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