Friday, May 27, 2011

mood swings.


First, Contract paper today. I studied that topic the most, but came out least, or maybe never came out. Mistake and remedies, ARGH. Alright, My fault, last minute study, but I am still can't believe....
And for the very first time (or 2nd or 3rd time), I don't know what to write I DON'T HAVE IDEA AT ALL in final exam! ;(
Now gotta concentrate with Tort. I don't wanna fail the whole a-level Law because of the freaking Contract. And I crapped a lot on Section B... deng.
Now I totally have no idea with what I've wrote just now! =x

Second, damn it. Kena saman. Exam finished, thought of going back home earlier and get some rest. But then I thought of Cmei, so I messaged her whether want to meet up at Connaught or not, and requested her to reply me ASAP. Wow, the very first time, she replied me damn fast. No traffic jam today and we went to have brunch together. She kept telling me that the Fishball noodles very tasty, and well... just ok ok only. I like the fishballs though. Haha. After that, she offered me to go to visit the place she's studying, UCSI. Sometimes very jealous with all the big uni life, I never experienced it anyway. My secondary school was a small school too. Jealous only, not feeling to study in big uni too, I am happy with where I'm studying now. :) Okay, for the sake of saving money, and that's only not more than RM4, I parked at yellow line there. After an hour (or maybe more than an hour), there's a SAMAN placed between the wipers. Fine. Do you think I should pay? Lol. hehhehe.


YES!!! HIM!!!


Align CenterYES!!! THEM!!!!

Forth. Will I have dinner alone tonight? I need a companion and some good food though!

Fifth. I'm having ulcers. Threee ulcers. Maybe I scolded too much vulgar these days. Torturing!

. I am sick with some people. Sometimes I rather to keep all the things inside my heart. I choose to be quiet. I am not very happy now. Please, don't ask me why. I beg you.


Anyway, I don't wanna recall all the bad things, really Dislike.
Exam. I will do well next time.
Must do well.
Get ready for my Tort Law and BEAST CONTEST PART 2!!!

Luck, you must always be with me!

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